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Dr. Suresh Cheekatla Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon offers the best spine surgery treatment in hyderabad, combine experience, and innovation to provide the best surgical solutions for treating complex spine disorders.

Dr. Suresh Cheekatla the best Spine doctor and he is committed to deliver the best possible treatment available  for Spine surgery treatment in Hyderabad. There are many treatment options and surgical procedures available for spinal problems. We explore every treatment option and discuss in detail with you about the non-surgical and surgical treatments. 

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Both Decompression and spinal fusion are the common lumbar spine surgeries for patients with lower back pain and leg pain.


It’s  also known as Pott’s Disease, is a spinal infection caused by tuberculosis that can lead to osteomyelitis, kyphotic deformity

Osteoporosis Treatment

There’s no cure for osteoporosis, but proper treatment can help to protect and strengthen your bones. 


If cervical degeneration causes myelopathy, radiculopathy, neck pain, or abnormal neck motion, surgery may be necessary.


Most symptomatic spinal cord tumors require surgical removal which can typically be performed with small incisions on the back 

Back pain & Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Seek medical care if your neck pain is accompanied by numbness



A forward curve (kyphosis) shifts the center of balance in front of the hip; a concave lower back (lordosis) thrusts the hips forward.


Surgery, either curative or palliative, is the best treatment at … Management of Acquired Compressive Myelopathy due to spinal flurosis.

Spinal Skeletal Hyperostosis Surgeries

Surgery might be needed in rare cases when diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis causes severe complications.


Fracture dislocations of the thoracic and lumbar spine are caused by very high-energy trauma. They can be extremely unstable injuries

Ankylosing Spondylosis Surgeries

Surgery for ankylosis spondylitis is an option for the patients who are experiencing the severe pain and spinal deformity.

Trans Foraminal Spinal Injections

Transforaminal spinal injection, a small-gauge blunt needle is inserted into the epidural space through the bony opening of the existing nerve

Time With Our Patients

Our approach to neck and back pain begins with time spent with the patients to understand their history and problems. Time and attention with each patient are the ensigns of Dr. Suresh Cheekatla’s practice. With comprehensive and extensive patient history and an understanding of the numerous contributing factors to a particular case, Dr. Suresh Cheekatla and his team are able to assess each individual patient with complete attention to detail. After the assessment, Dr. Suresh Cheekatla will be able to make recommendations and provide the guidance each of his patients deserves.

What next?

Our team will make sure you understand the full risk and benefits of treatment undergoes. We explain every detail of what to expect during and after your treatment experience and go over your rehabilitation and recovery treatment plans.

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