Best back pain treatment by Dr. Suresh Cheekatla Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon



Neck pain is a common objection. Neck muscles can be stressed from a helpless stance — regardless of whether it’s hanging over your PC or slouching over your workbench. Osteoarthritis likewise is a common reason for neck pain.

Most neck pain improves steadily with home treatment. If not, see your doctor.

Look for guaranteed care if severe neck pain results from a physical issue, like an engine vehicle mishap, jumping mishap, or fall.

 Contact a doctor if your neck pain:

  • Is severe
  • Persists for a few days without help
  • Spreads down arms or legs

Is joined by migraine, fatigue, shortcoming, or tingling

Once in a while, neck pain can be a side effect of a more serious issue. Look for clinical consideration if your neck pain is joined by deadness or loss of solidarity in your arms or hands or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you have shooting pain into your shoulder or down your arm.

Neck pain can once in a while signal a serious underlying clinical issue that should be checked by a doctor. Regularly, such neck pain will be joined by somewhere around one other indication, frequently before the hardened or painful neck happens.

 Additional symptoms can incorporate fever, migraine, sickness, tiredness, confusion or mood swings, unexplained weight loss, or pain that spreads to arms or legs. These loads of symptoms, alongside neck pain, are reasons to check with your doctor.

Serious, underlying conditions that cause neck pain and should be dealt with quickly include meningitis, other diseases, a tumor, or a neurological disorder that causes spasms or bending the head outside typical arrangement. Another issue of concern is degenerative disc disease, which is more usual in the lower back, yet can often occurs in the cervical or upper spine.