best back pain treatment – all you need to know

Consult Dr. Suresh the best orthopedic and spine surgeon for the best back pain treatment in Hyderabad. Medical help should be sought out for neck or back pains that do not improve with proper rest at all or those that occur after an injury or a fall. Pains with weakness, fever, or unexplained weight loss should also be looked out for. Orthopedic spine surgeons are like the specialists of the bone. Personalized care is taken by medical teams right from diagnosis to recovery and rehabilitation. The medical professionals ensure you undergo the whole treatment in a very relaxed manner. The holistic team is comprised of physical therapists or the best doctor for neck and back pain. They help with injuries that do not require surgery at all.

Best doctor for neck and back pain

Reasons for neck and back pain

Strain–back pain is commonly known to stem from stress, tension, or injury. The most frequent causes of back pain could be strained muscles or ligaments. It could even be due to a muscle spasm or muscle tension. There could be damaged disks, fractures, or falls.

Problems in the structure – of the disk in the spine ruptures, there will be more pressure on a nerve. This will result in back pain. In similar ways, a bulging disk can also result in more pressure on a nerve.

Sciatica – This is actually a really sharp and shooting pain. This travels through the buttock and down the back of the leg. This might be caused by a bulging or a herniated disk pressing on a nerve.

Arthritis – a form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. This can cause problems with the joints in the hips, lower back, and other places. The space around the spinal cord even narrows down in certain cases. This particular condition is termed spinal stenosis.

Abnormal curving of the spine – the spine might tend to curve in an unusual way. Thus, back pain results. An example of this condition is scoliosis. In this, the spine curves to the side.

Treatment for neck and back pains

Minimally invasive spine surgery or MIS on the backbone stabilizes the spinal joints or relieves the pressure from the spinal nerves. Lumbar spine surgeries are decompression and spinal fusion for the lower back pain and leg pain of the patients. Cervical spine surgery is performed to treat either nerve or spinal cord impingement by decompression surgery or spinal instability by fusion surgery. Spinal deformity corrections are a surgery that is utilized to treat patients with scoliosis. Further, kyphosis, trauma or other conditions affecting the spine can also be treated.

Procedures and tests for neck and back pain

An x-ray is done to see the alignment of the bones and detect the signs of arthritis or broken bones. However, they might not reveal the damage in the muscles, spinal cord, nerves, or even the disks. MRI or CT scans are done to see herniated disks or problems with tissue, tendons, nerves, ligaments, etc. for detecting bone tumors or compression fractures that can be caused by osteoporosis, bone scans are present. In this method, a radioactive substance or tracer is injected into a vein. The tracer gets collected in the bones. It further helps the doctor detect bone problems with the help of a special camera.


Several patients who go for spinal surgeries might be worried about the complications it might bring. Medical teams are urging them not to worry and to go for these important surgeries. Orthopedic spine surgeons are committed to improving lives. This is done by them through compassionate care for those with bone and joint conditions. The best back pain treatment in Hyderabad, and the entire medical staff focuses on providing world-class services at an affordable cost to society.